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    Thought I would have been able to get to the boat but still in storage and too far back to take a picture. Wont be out for two weeks when I was planning on starting project. Will try and shoot pictures then. Thanks.

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    Worked with Jason at Wakemakers and have decided on 2 Johnson reversible pumps, adding new 750 for port side locker, installing one of the 400 sacs I own in starboard, and adding IBS. Current GI system stays as is. The IBS and Starboard will be one same one pump with switchable valve. Keeping current GI center locker system intact and just going to keep that switch on current dash panel and adding the 2 new switches to panel by throttle. Tried searching for similar threads of this project for 2007 OBV but did not find any. Wondering if anyone has any helpful pictures/diagrams etc... that could help. Especially wondering where/how may have mounted the reversible pumps in the OBV. I have looked at some videos installing the thru hull but thats about it at this point. Thx.

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    Default Re: Ballast Upgrade 2007 Outback V

    Same boat..

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