I'm currently in the process of finishing off some winter projects on the boat, the biggest being the stereo upgrade. Along with the stereo upgrade, we have added a second battery using the Blue Sea Add a Battery w/ACR. I've seen many schematics and opinions on how to best wire the stereo system so that it's most efficient and also to reduce system noise. Currently, I've got my three amps power and grounded to the stereo battery via distribution blocks. My main issue is what to do with the head unit and EQ. Currently, the head unit is power and grounded through two blocks under the helm with all the other accessories, despite being on the other side of the boat. I was planning to run the EQ the same way. The accessory power and ground blocks will be run off the stereo battery as well in order to isolate the start battery.

I'm wondering if it would be better to run dedicated power and grounds right off the stereo battery to the head unit and EQ rather than going through the accessory blocks? Would this eliminate any possible noise or is it overkill being that the accessory blocks are already coming from the stereo battery?