Amidst the chaos of the last week of course I didn't have enough to deal with so why not add to it.

Actually been shopping off and on for a while now - my little GMC was getting a bit tired lugging the boat around and the kids knees were hitting the seatbacks.

2005 F350 Lariat, V10, only 49k miles with every option I'd want and then some. Nice setup with small lift, 35's, sunroof, leather and power everything, nice leer canopy, and drop down DVD console to keep the kids busy.

I know all you diesel lovers are going to cringe at "V-10" LOL but for me it made sense. Most of my trips are pretty short and I don't pull often enough or big enough to really justify spending an extra $10k for a comparably equipped oil burner with low miles.

Looked all over the country on CL and autotrader and ended up finding it almost in my own backyard. Can't wait to hook up to the boat!