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    Wakecharter is 100% legit and meets the requirements stated above by bbuhtz.
    2011 President's Trophy - Check
    2011 Western Confernece Champs - Check
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    Seems kind of cool, just expensive. I guess they are doing this as a business and trying to make money, and i'm sure those 23 LSV payments are pretty high. I wonder how they handle the "riding time" issue? If the rate is $60 per hour with a 2 hour minimum, and a maxiumum of 6 people, isn't that 12 hours of riding? and $720? Or do 6 people pay $120 for two hours, and each one get to ride for 20 minutes, so then the "riding rate" is actually $180 per hour? Hmmm... curious?

    I teach first timers for free! And if they return I only need about $20 per hour of riding time to cover my fuel costs. Dammit! I'll never pay off the boat at this rate!
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