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    Default Seadek Review

    As you can tell by the first picture I was in need of a new platform, and bad! After searching the internet I found that seadek was the only company to offer the pre-cut platform pads. After seeing some others pictures and experience I decided to give them a shot. Right from the bat they were awesome to work with, answering all of my dumb little questions and resonding to my emails pretty quickly. I had to start off with a templete kit because they somehow did not have my year in their system. So I ordered it and when it arrived I simply traced exactly the size I wanted the platform to be and shipped it back. Once they recieved it and got the drawings I had to give the final approval and was told it would be about 4 weeks for shippment, but to my surprise 2 weeks into it I got a email saying it had shipped. Now during the waiting time I had already taken the old platform off with some goo-gone and a razor. There was still some good oxidation and scratches so I decided to use a little wet sanding and buffing, which I got the buffer at harbor frieght. My first time using any kind of buffer, was a little worried at first. Got the oxidation off, put a shine back to it and when the pad arrived I was ready to put it on. The pad itself was VERY easy to put on, took my maybe 20 min using the installation video they have. I am very happy with the product and the company. Kind of pricey for a pad but sure beats trying to cut it yourself so I figure money well spent. Seems everyone in the office is nice but I talked to Paige and she was awesome. Hope this helps anyone that is thinking about using them or replacing your platform pad.

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    I have used their product on 2 boats, and had a hassle free warranty swap on one. Get upgrade IMO.... feels good on the knees...

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    Nice review. Sounds like they are getting their act together again. Great to hear. And, by the way, that looks SHARP! Love the color contrast against the buffed out red. Really pops.
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    Default Seadek Review

    Looks great!

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    THANKS - TIMING IS PERFECT. I am working to order a pad for the swimplatform of our 2003 Outback also. It is good to hear some positive feedback on this company as some on this site have had less than acceptable results with them.
    I know the the pics or it didnt happen I will work at it.
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    Looks great. We just put on a SeaDek platform pad as well, also had great experience.
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