I just started moving forward installing my new Wetsounds Pro-80's and sub. Unfortunately I didn't think about my ability to turn the tower speakers on/off independent of my subwoofer when I purchased my Wetsounds PT-6 amp (meant to power both tower speakers and sub). From what I can tell I'm going to need to have 3 pre-amp outputs from my head unit to be able to have a remote gain wired for the towers so I can adjust them independent of the subwoofer.
Does anybody have a good drop-in option for a head unit? If I can manage to simply drop a new unit in with additional pre-outs and bluetooth/USB that would be ideal.

Info for all the forum tech heads who have helped me previously:

- Stock Head Unit: KDC-MP2305
- Tower Speakers: Wetsounds Pro-80's
- Amplifier: Wetsounds PT-6
- Subwoofer: Kicker 12" Solobaric L7

What I'm looking for:
- No changes to head unit wiring (if possible)
- USB input on front of head unit
- Bluetooth (lets face it I'm going to want my phone at the driver's seat still controling the play list)

Thanks in advance!