Today was one of those days that I'm just ready to be over and I definitely need a few beers. Already mentioned it elsewhere but I figured I'd share my grief, and precautions so that hopefully others don't experience the same situation.

My boat is parked alongside the house behind a 6ft high cedar fence/gate and under a carport type canopy.

Went out to dinner last night, kids are at Grandmas for a few days on spring break, all is good. 6am I'm up making coffee, take the garbage out, come around the corner and see the gate hanging open. Think maybe my teenage daughter snuck out (guilty of this before) so I go shut it, and as I turn around I see the engine cover open on the boat, driver's seat laying on the floor and compartments open...

Somebody, or a few somebody's, had the balls to climb the fence in the middle of the night, have at it on the boat, and literally destroy what they couldn't take. When I first looked I noticed the sub was gone from under the driver's helm. The door under the passenger side cubby was hanging open and when I stuck my head in I could see the cut wires.

Ran in the house and got dressed, told my "wife" the situation, and went back out to investigate.

Sub and box gone
Faceplate of HU gone
2 of the 3 amps gone
Ballast bags gone
Couple new lifejackets gone

When it got light out what really torqued me is that whatever they couldn't peel off quick and easy is all torn up. The cabin speakers are all in place still but all busted up from what looks like trying to pry them loose. Same thing with the tower speakers, all marred up and trashed. They even have holes jabbed through them.

The rear deck was open and when I closed it I found where they basically ripped into it and tried to pry it open rather than just lifting the latch.

Muddy footprints along with probably a good 20 or more holes on the cushions and drivers seat. It basically looks like someone stabbed all the cushions in the cabin with a screwdriver.

Had to wait 2 hours for the sheriff's office to call me back and they were pretty much just 'meh, file a report on-line'. Nothing else - pretty disappointing.

I will give my insurance company credit though - they moved pretty fast. There was an adjuster in the area today, he called, and said he would stop by after his last appointment. Came over, looked everything over, took a few pictures, told me to get estimates for having everything replaced and he could make it all happen within a few days. I was kind of dumbfounded. I don't even have an official case number from the police and he said it wouldn't be a problem.

The thing that grinds me the most about all this is now I feel like a target. Somebody is ballsy enough to do this once, who's to say they won't be back again in a few months? I just put in a motion sensing alarm this afternoon and bolted the gate shut. Going to rebuild it at least 8ft high in the next few days - for sure before I replace anything.