How about a follow up on how you guys like your new boards?

I'm in the market for a new board sometime before too long. Thinking long and hard about a P5 Trident. Borrowed one for one ride and absolutely loved it. Talked to the designer at an inwater boat show last weekend and he explained the updates this year. My only issue is I don't know how much I would like some of the others, like the Soulcraft, Triple XXX, Inland Surfer. I've thought about an IS Red Rocket. I'm about 5'10, fluctuate between 180 and 195. Anyone have an idea how the Trident compares to the Red Rocket or some of these other boards you're discussing?

I have two Shapiro boards currently, the big 5'6" Mauka and a smaller, thinner one. Both have had to be repaired. In fact, about to fix the Mauka, a nasty break in the nose caused by slamming it into the boat. First time for that, not pretty.