So I've decided to organize the jam for this year. If its successful we'll make it an annual thing and hopefully it will prove and grow after each year.

So right now I'm looking for date and area of the lake suggestions. Right now I'm looking at the Bald Ridge Area because it has a campground or Charelston park because it is our home ramp and 6 mile cans 4 mile are great places to ride and some good hangout/chill/beach spots in that area. If you have a suggestion let me know soon as I looking to lick this down within the next week or 2.

I'm also thinking about renting a house for my family for the weekend and having it there on a Saturday. That way we have an easily accessible base camp like Drew has had with his place on Sinclair. I'm leaning pretty hard in that direction. The house is in the Bald Ridge area across the way from the campground and park.

Let me know your thoughts and who would be interested in coming.

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