My REV10's are supose to be in this comming weekend. I HAVE ALREADY SPENT OVER MY BUDGET SO I CAN NOT GET THE WET SOUNDS AMPS. (it will be an upgrade for next summer or two)

On of my friends is running this amp it looks like it would work for the rev 10's.

NVX JAD800.4: 4-Channel Class D Amplifier, 800W RMS

•RMS Power Rating:
•4 ohms: 125 watts x 4 chan.
•2 ohms: 200 watts x 4 chan.
•Bridged, 4 ohms: 400 x 2 chan

I plan on bridging it with a channel per speaker.


here is the website and I was wondering if anyone know anythnig about this amp?
I Can get it off amazon for $240.00