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    Is this THE "Cigars and Scotch" O&A Fan?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cigars n scotch View Post
    Our big plans are a move out of the crap-state of New Jersey and into a wonderful FREE STATE called South Carolina. We're moving this summer and will be relocating in the Fort Mill area right next to Lake Wylie. Very exciting for us. My company is transferring me to a satellite office in Charlotte, NC which is awesome because I keep my Northeast salary in a region with a much cheaper cost of living. So the next few months is going to be hectic!! I'm hoping to get the boat ready by first week of May and get in at least 2.5 months of riding in before we leave for SC and then have to endure the unpacking and all that jazz.

    We'll unfortunately have to find new riding friends as we're leaving behind an awesome core group of friends that we've been riding with and getting together with for darn near 9 years now. Finding a third is going to be challenging. Our daughter is only 19 months old. But there's so MANY benefits of us moving!

    We're really excited and looking for to being down there and meeting new people. So that's our big plans for this year/season...

    I've been absent from this site for a few months now because work has been real hectic and we've been working on all of the relocation aspects. Hoping to find more time to visit the site more and keep in know on what's happening here.

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    Default Any Big Plans This Year?

    Quote Originally Posted by chadjitsu1 View Post
    Is this THE "Cigars and Scotch" O&A Fan?
    Everyone asks and no, two of my favorite things are cigars and scotch and I just came up with the name, not knowing of the O&A guy.

    Thanks everyone we are pumped!
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    You'll love it down here. I made a similar move 5 yrs ago now... Southern California to SC. The cost of living change is so amazing especially when transferring on the company's dime and keeping the pay (actually raised). The current lifestyle was all thanks to that move. Hit me up when you get into the area and I can introduce you around.
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