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    Quote Originally Posted by iwaterskihard View Post
    Oh ya BLESS MY SWEET WIFE for suggestng to me that I should just leave one down here and keep one at home with me so I don't have to travel with it everywhere I go! Any of you that lucky???? LOL
    This gets me in trouble sometimes,

    This year with the new boat.

    Me- Honey we are doing 4 XM9s on the tower it will be awesome
    Brain - Bro, 6 XM9s is the new Loud just do it.
    Claudia - Brain says 6 is better DOO EEETTTT i want the loudest boat on the lake.
    Me- we are the loudest on our lake
    Brian- dude she says louder lets do 6 XM9s
    Me- bro another set of XM9s and another amp? <feeling my wallet crying>

    Claudia- and i quote " Malo i dont care what it costs, i want BIG Stereo "

    This is why i keep her LOL She always talks me into what im not quite positive about.
    New Boat - Do it
    New Stereo - Do it
    Evolution Cover - Do it
    Trip to Texas Jam - Do it

    This does how ever come at a cost,

    For her birthday in March she asked for 1 simple thing.. Her Own Custom Soul Craft Board.
    It should arrive in the next couple weeks as the art work is done. I will post some pics, its Completly SICK looking and has a price to match LOL Its a Día de Muertos design of hers and Chelsi
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    Malo <--- Means--Evil or Mean One. This explains a lot.
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