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Nice view out the back - hopefully it will stay that way and not have more houses going in?
Well you see that is the very edge of what used to be a golf course (we just found out the golf course closed and sold out to a developer like a month ago ). Next to that golf course is a small ranch/farm, and I am sure they will sell eventually too but there is that bayou that is directly behind us, so even if they do start building there the bayou will still allow a decent amount of separation.

My main fear with that neighbor hood being developed is traffic. Ave D (the main drag in Old Town Katy) is pretty much perfect trafffic wise right now, you had a couple hundred more houses and the it could start turning into a nightmare. Needless to say we are not thrilled about this, and all the houses in our neighborhood that were on the golf course and consequently had to put up iron fences are not happy either.... Like if I would have known that about the golf course before we started all this we would probably not be building here. I try my best to ignore it.