A friend of mine has this boat and he knows I'm in the market. He wants $43500 for the boat and it has 145 hours on it! It has been babied and wiped down after every outing. Even I have wiped this boat down many times, so I know he has taken good care of it. He put a new Bimini Top and new rub rails on it this winter.


My concerns are:

I don't really like the graphics on the back and I wonder if it will leave a noticeable mark if I remove them, being that they have been on there for 4 years now?

I really love the Moomba line and I wasn't really planning on spending 43k, but if I did I would get a leftover 2012 LSV for under 50k. So I guess my question is, would this Supra be worth the money or should I just go with the 2012 LSV if I can't find a nice used one near by!?

We would mainly Lounge around, surf, wakeboard, and pull the girls on tubes with this boat, in that order....

Thanks in Advance,