Just got my tower speakers, amp, and subwoofer to beef up the audio system in my 2008 Outback V (see below for details). I'm hoping to get some help figuring out if there are any good off-the-shelf wiring kits available that I can pick up for a reasonable $ value.
As always, the fantastic advice from everybody on the forum would be GREAT! Thanks in advance!

Head Unit: Stock
Amplifier: WetSounds HT-6 bridged to 300Wx3 channels (4 ohms)
Tower Speakers: Wetsounds Pro-80's
Subwoofer: Kicker Solo-Baric 12L72
- This is actually a 2 ohm subwoofer where as the amp is meant to deliver 4ohm load. I am planning on getting a new subwoofer if there is no way I can accommodate this. Any recommendations?
- Any 12"woofers that can handle the 300W RMS load with similar sealed volume requirements?
- If at all possible I'd like to keep it cheaper than the JL 12W6v2-D4...but if you gotta you gotta right?

Amp Wiring Kit: Any recommendations? Good place to buy?
- Based on the amplifier draw I was planning on using a 4awg kit from automotive application.

AGAIN...thanks for all the help.