For my Outback DD, I just ordered the Wake Video TopMount Mini tower camera mount and the P4 frame and clamp for the pylon. The camera mount can quickly be swapped between the tower frame and the pylon frame so it is usable from either location.

I've been trying to figure out which video camera would be best. I was kind of centered on the newest GoPro but I was concerned that the lack of zoom would mean that the skier at the end of up to 75' of line would be tiny in the video. I posted on the GoPro Facebook page and respondees pretty much confirmed it - essentially all of the people who responded said the GoPro was probably not the right choice for a boat mounted camera.

I looked at the POLAROID SPORTS CAMERA thread below and it seemed that all of the cameras had at least one major short coming - either they didn't seem to have zoom capability or they only had a digital zoom which is basically just pixel replication and, so, is not good quality. The Polaroid, Drift, and Contour had no zoom and the Vantage had digital zoom. Similarly, I looked at all the "action camcorders" on the Best Buy site and most had no zoom and the rest only had digital zoom.

I am now thinking the Sony HandyCam HDR-CX220 might be the best option - it is standard camcorder with optical image stabilization - it is NOT waterproof or "action" but it has a good frame rate, optical stabilization, and optical zoom. I'd better not drop it much, it can't be board or ski mounted, and I'd have to stow it if it started to rain but I'm thinking it should take good video and be zoomable enough so that you can recognize the skier.

What are the experiences of others? What are some of the cameras actually being used by forum members to take video of skiers from inside the boat (whether mounted or handheld)? If you could post links to actual video taken with the camera it would be really appreciated.


BTW: The guy at Wake Video says, "We have not tested the GoPro, but we have not had negative feedback either. Usually if a camera does not work we hear about it." If anyone here has used the GoPro I hope to hear from them and see some ski video.