Well the outdoor bar/kitchen is done and I've really enjoyed it. A little mishap occurred during the construction thou and it involves my truck. My brick contractor had consent to back up my truck to unload the sand from the bed. I was at work on this day and received a text from him stating that he "scratched" my truck. Long story short, the kid unloaded the sand and when he pulled fwd to park my truck he ran into the pallets of brick that were on the side of the driveway. How he did this i still don't know. 1400 dollars of damage later and my truck is in the shop now being repaired. The contractor stated he will pay the deductible and we can all move on, okay fine. Here's the kicker....

The contractor has not paid the deductible to the repair shop as of last night and when I text him about it he catches a case of the arse and says he will pay half and I can pay the other half!! This dude has lost his mind. I was not in the truck, at the house, or even in the same town when he wrecked my truck. How he goes from a very sincere, apologetic,,worrisome guy to a complete douche is beyond me. My biggest mistake was paying him his money for his brick work but at the end if the day that was,the right thing to do I suppose.

Looks like now I'm going to have to file a civil suit against him and come out of pocket 500 dollars to have my truck fixed which is completely absurd to me. OH and by the way, a little warning to all my TX brothers. If you give someone consent to use your vehicle and they cause damage to it, YOU are responsible. The claim will go under your policy and in this case, an at fault incident is in my file. Been arguing back and forth with both insurance companies for a week and still can't wrap my head around this incident being my fault and going on my policy!!

Both doors and nfab step jacked. Without my truck for a week, and its spring break!

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