Went to visit my Moomba today at the boat storage place to start getting ready for the season, and when I get to my boat, one side has the cover straps undone...odd I think... So I take the rest of the cover off, and sure enough, someone had come in over the winter and stolen the 4 main cabin speakers, the sub, and my amp.

Did a quick check on craigslist, hoping I could maybe get lucky, find them and "contact" the "seller", but no luck.

Hoping for some help on options - I have a $1000 homeowners deductible, but not sure of the value of this stuff to if it's even worth the claim. I'm not that much into my audio that I even know exactly what I had. I know it was all Kenwood speakers (stock?) and a big Kenwood amp, but that's all I know.

Anyone got any ideas?