If kids can budget a boat then go for it. I had a new Hobie Cat when I was 20 and had my sail bag going from one end of my dorm room to the other and I was out sailing almost everyday. At 56, I'm still doing much of what I did when I was younger and added some new toys. I see the end in the horizon and I'm going until I can go no longer.

You need to balance priorities and when you're young with no kids you can do those things and you can remember those days as they may go away for a while when they have a family but it comes back with the kids get older and time to get a boat again. Somehow we have all found it in our budget to have a boat and I don't think none of us have regretted get one. I'm holding off getting a new boat until I can no longer water ski and then probably get a V drive and join the other 80% of the group.