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    Default Wake Plate Question

    Quick question. I had to replace the upper hinge of one of my actuators on the wake plate about a week ago after it just broke in half. Now the wake plate goes down but stops when it is "level" or when there is no deflection. Bennett trim tabs says those actuators only have an 1 3/8 inch of travel so that is normal and it is going all the way down. I seem to remember it going down further. The pump will stop running when it stops going down but when it goes all the way up the pump will keep running. That doesn't seem to be right either but I really don't remember. Someone with a similar boat please tell me where your plate stops when going down and also what the pump does when the tab goes all the way up and down. Boat is a 2001 Outback DD.

    The gauge also quit working but that is another problem.

    BTW: Just a plug for Bennett Trim Tabs. They have been great and have a really excellent customer service department.
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