I have a few questions about buying thru hull fittings for the boat and installing them. I did take a quick look to make sure that I'm not replicating another thread but there is so much info on here that I'm sure I am.

First off is there a thread that walks you through the process of drilling into the bottom of the boat and sealing the holes with 3M glue. I would really like a picture by picture walk through because honestly I am really nervous about adding these into the bottom of a perfectly good waterproof boat. I am adding 4 Johnson reversible pumps and ripping out all the 3/4 inch line for the fill and empty but the part I'm most nervous about is the drilling through the bottom of the boat part.

1. Do you use a regular hole saw, if so what size for a 1 inch fitting.

2. Should I be buying 1 inch or 1 1/8 fittings? If 1 1/8 what size hole saw do I need?

3. I understand that you run the hole saw in reverse first but there is always a certain amount of wobble in the hole saws is that going to be an issue? Do they make a diamond type hole saw and would that be better?

4. I am planning on leaving the vents 3/4 inch, does anyone know if I need a 90 degree fitting for any of these. I also wanted to know if the smaller diameter flange fittings would work for this or if I need to get the wider flange. is this area usually scuffed up underneath the fittings.

5. Also planning on putting the check valves in there to suck the bags flat. Any reason I shouldn't do this?

6. Getting back to the bottom of the boat, How much glue do you use and do you need to buy the lock-nut with the screw in it?

7. I had this done for me on the last boat I owned and it cost me 200.00 for 1 fitting, I am not prepared to pay that again, Is there someone in the forum that lives close to me (Cumming GA) that has done this before on their boat, that would like to work for BEER?

8. Anything else that I really need to look out for when doing this? I understand that you need to smooth out the hole with a dremil tool or sand paper after the hole is drilled, but any other gotcha's would be greatly appreciated.