I know this topic has been discussed time and time again and I've searched the forum and gone through just about all the threads regarding the topic already but I'm going to bring it up again.

Ill be picking up the new boat ('13 LSV with surf motor) in about 10 days and will be making the prop change right off the bat but I haven't solidified my decision yet as to which prop. I plan to do the ballast upgrades at the same time as well, which will consist of 2-1100s, 2-370 tubes, center tank, and IBS. We don't ski, tube, or cruise the lake so I'm looking for the best prop for wake boarding and secondary surfing.

I'm torn between the 1235 and 1433. My concern with 1235 is clearance? Is the clearance issue for this prop with the prop guard or the LSV hull itself? I know if its with the trailer I could shim the bunks but then I run into potential garage clearance probs. And if its with the hull I don't want any "prop burn" issues either.

Will the 1433 be enough when loaded down? We usually ride with a small crew so that's why I want so much ballast capacity.

I will be contacting the folks at Nettles next week but wanted to check here too for feedback.

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