While getting ready to do some remodeling at my perfect utopia (lake cabin built in 62) I have a sneaky suspicion that the accoustic ceiling tiles throughout the entire cabin likely contain asbestos. I'm taking a sample of the material the next time I make it out there and having it tested. But, my question is if this is something that I could remove with a respirator, suit and some plastic sheeting or should I have it hired out? It's about 1000 sq/ft and was given an initial estimate of 4k for removal. I was expecting a lot more, so, I was pleasantly surprised with the estimate.

I was planning on taking down the old tiles and sheet rocking over. I understand that encapsulating the material is an effective way to remove any hazard. Besides safety, my biggest concern is resale down the road and if that would be an issue if I was to just rock over the tiles and not remove it. Any experience with a similar situation?