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    Default Kick Panel/Foot Rest

    I'm waiting on all the parts for my stereo install and have gotten basically everything planned (thank you forum) but was hoping to get a little confirmation. I am trying to figure out what is under the kick panel/foot rest of my 2007 LSV. I have found some similar posts that show there being a floor below the existing floor and it basically being hollow, but none from a 07 LSV. Just wondering if anyone knew for sure and if it was like this post below?

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    That's exactly how my 2007 obv looked , pretty sure your Lsv is the same , hollow cavity with. A conduit to the main floor and to the ski locker.
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    If the 07 and 08 are the same, check out Newty's mods album here -

    Has some foot rest area cut away shots.
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    it was a little scary with the first cut, but after that, it's easy and just made a big fat mess. good luck. I'm not sure why so many want to keep the hump as it's really in the way and from what I saw, made no difference in overall hull/boat integrity. was all cosmetic.
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