I want to make my own fake a lake that I can connect the garden hose directly into the raw water pump inlet on my 07 OBV. This the first tournament ski boat we owned and I am still learning a lot on the maintenance side of things. Thanks to everyone on here, I have learned a lot already. I got the idea from other post on here but I was hoping someone could post some pictures of what it looks like, so I have an idea what I need to build. Or is it better to just buy a fake a lake from Overtons that just is support under the boat? My fear is it falling off. I guess my other question is when I am getting the boat ready in spring and I hook up the hose can I throttle it to make sure the trans is working without doing damage. I know I can't run it at full throttle, but I just to make sure everything is working before I get on the lake for the first time. Our last boat was an outboard that I just connected the muffs to the outboard, I want to make sure I am doing right thing, so I don't anything stupid .
Thank you,