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    Default 2003 Jeep Wrangler

    So some of this just maybe me thinking out loud;

    I had a random thought of getting a Jeep Wrangler. I had one in the past, and getting that itch to have one again. I like the 4x4 convertable. I came across a 2003 model, Rubicon model too, that looks good on the interweb and in my price range. My preference is to the TJ series 1997-2006. And would ranther be on the newer end

    Now the concern. Towing the boat (base OB). I know the answer for the most part is a big NO. But my argument is, from the boat location to the launch is 2.5 miles away. The majority is through residential neighborhood, 25 mph limits, little to no traffic. The short stretch (.8 mile to be exact) is on a main street, 4 lane, stop light intersection, 35 mph limit. I have no concern about HP,torque, strength of drivetrain as it is the same used in the grand cherokee that has a higher tow rating. I know the short wheel base and suspension design is the limiting factor in this.

    I don't go anywhere else 99% of the time, always the same route. Route has gas station for boat refueling. If I need to go anywhere else, I have access to borrow a bigger vehicle. Complete no go? Or.....

    Side note; Some may remember me showing off a Tundra, but I have sold that during the off season. Plan was just to borrow my dads pickup truck as needed, thus saving on vehicle costs. He is retired and helpful like that. He is also a regular boat driver/spotter. I am not to cheap to buy a regular truck either but my dad and I agree, we dont need extras of the same large items if we can easily share between households.
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