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Well, I didn't see that one coming...So, I guess that gives you the right for a cheap shot at the Northy. My wife is from Dickinson too and we get back there a couple times a year. I grew up in Bismarck, but have never been on Sakakawea. We got a cabin out by Detroit Lakes, MN so I never haul the boat out that way.
I was actually born in Williston, then my parents moved us to Mandan, then to Dickinson for K-4 then the divorce so it was Bismark, then back with my dad in 5th grade in Dickinson, then to Killdeer in 8th grade, then off to Brainerd MN in 10th, then to Fargo to stay with my mom, then graduation & my dad took a transfer to come to Denver so I went with him & decided I would never move again. We have family in Bismark & Dickinson. I spent my teen summers partying at Detroit Lakes, did the Sex on the Beach thing. My brothers girlfriends family had a cabin on Strawberry Lake I think it was? My dad rented a house right on Gilbert Lake when we were in Brainerd, those were some good times too.