I've re-hosed my ballast 2 times. First time i was adding longer hoses to the V drive bags and vent lines. I used the Clear with Black corded style from Wake Makers. I personally found it easier to work with. I could cut it easily with a razor knife and i didn't need to heat it up to make it fit on the fittings. Just a little extra elbow grease.

I then gutted the entire system of 3/4 and went to 1inch and reversable pumps.

i used the all black hose the second time. It required a heat gun, also its a lot easier to cut it if you have a hose cutting tool.

It will bend easier then the clear style hose.

Removing both types is a pain and normally requires you to cut it off near the fitting and then cut it long ways on the fitting to peel it off.

Yes you can see the water flowing through the clear. As for how long it allows you to see it, i never had an issue the 2 years i had that hose in my system. The black one you can feel the water move through, also you can pinch it and feel the water pressure as well.