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    for me as well its smostly sand and when im coming in ill idle in and when i get close ill throw her in reverse a little and cut her off when shes just floating, ill hop out, grab the boat and walk her then is at most waist deep and you can walk right on the swim platform, sit and slide right off the back and walk..maybe you can find a nautique wooden platform throw it on and and put a foldable ladder on that.
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    Default Front access to boat.... ladder?

    Op: do you have an anchor buddy?

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    I agree that the back of the boat is easier, I was just scared of ruining the prop or shaft by pulling the boat a bit too far in accidentally. First time owning a v-drive boat. Lots of experience with I/O boats... but not even close to the same thing. Needless to say can't wait to try out this boat!

    I had another forum say they used a collapsible 3-4 step ladder. Can just fold it up and store on Z5 rack.

    Think I'm going to go with Box anchor with anchor buddy attached. Let out box anchor and pull into shore use sand spike at front. Unload boat with collapsible ladder and let boat out with anchor buddy pulling out. Sand spike will attach with the Danik-hook so you can just let line out.

    Myself I would just float around in the lake most of the time but we have lots of friends out with boats (mostly I/O) so they head to the beach to bum around, have drinks, etc.

    To Saskyrider, I am at Lake Diefenbaker an hour south of Saskatoon. Seasonal campsite there so mostly hang around there.
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