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As MLA noted, that was the first gen WS EQ. Wetsounds provided rubber inserts to seal the holes but after owners used the gains they often did not re-install the inserts. This became the number one entry point for water. So Wetsounds eliminated the externally available option. While they fixed that they introduced protected switches on the face and cured another corrosion issue. There are numerous other revisions and refinements that followed.
This is a single sided circuit board (all components on the top side) with limited real estate and very dense coverage so if you are going to include adjustments they must be topside, on the back panel or front panel. Underneath is not an option.

I have a Krypt for the time being and it does have the little rubber plugs - however EITHER front or back locations would be way better! Kind of thinking the same thing with the printed wiring diagrams on the body of it. Does me no good when they're on top facing the back of the gauge cluster and I don't have a user manual nearby.

It looked really cool coming out of the box but that was it.