I have been on many forums where posts go sideways and turn negative, if this does that hen the mods can delete immediately.

My daughters family (x wife) bought a XLV brand new. I think it is a 2008. Super nice, and they have plenty of cash to buy a Supra or any other brand boat for that matter. My sister and brother in law recently bought a 2008 22SSV launch used, they are not loaded like my daughters other family but got what looks like a smoking good deal buying from a really rich dude that just unloaded it so he could upgrade to something newer. It is a really nice boat as well.

I have done some reading and understand skier choice makes them both and have heard the comments one is like Cadillac and the other Chevy.

My question is if you take the 2 closest boats made between Supra and Moomba and compare them with what might be considered standard option what would the differences between the two be and how much "cheaper" would the Moomba be? And I guess the other question is if you take the same to boats and load them completely full of options what would the differences be and how much different in price?

I'm a DD nautique owner (bought used and can barely afford it but it was my "dream boat" to own) so I don't have a dog in the fight so to speak, but now being somewhat familiar with Skier choice boats I'm curious where the differences really lie and how much you can actually save.