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    Default System makeover

    So about to dive into my stereo system makeover.
    JL Audio JX360/2 amplifier

    3 sets of Alpine 6.5 marine speakers with 3 sets Exile SM65's

    Current in-boat speakers are split into 2 channels of an Alpine pdx-5 (75rms/4) marine amplifier with the tower speakers wired to the other 2 channels (sub output not used). Looked at the wiring today, as i did not wire system originally, and noticed they wired the current in-boat speakers with 3 speakers in parallel on one channel with the other 3 in parallel on the other channel. I'm surprised the amp hasn't had any problems as it's only seeing 1.33 ohms/ channel.

    New System Wiring:
    Here's where the input would be appreciated. Plan on wiring the new exile's as such:
    -1 bow speaker on channel 1 (Alpine amp)
    -1 bow speaker on channel 2 (Alpine amp)
    -2 main left cabin speakers in parallel on channel 3 (Alpine Amp)
    -2 main right cabin speakers in parallel on channel 4 (Alpine amp)
    -Tower speakers on each channel of the new JL amp

    I believe the math comes out good on the resistance and power just double checking.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. Boat also getting Monster tower spinning racks and the tower speaker enclosures went from cast pitted aluminum to black enamal. Pics will be posted once all installed.
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    Default System makeover

    That's exactly how I've wired 6 boat speakers to a 4 channel amp.

    Post pics!
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