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What is this wizardry you speak of?
the great wizard of technology.

there are footpod's that you put inside nike shoes, or you can attach to the laces of other shoes. the footpod talks to the device and you can get reading for pace, distance, etc. iphone/ipod can do it also, but then you have to carry your phone, either on shoulder, belt, or hand. the trick is to get a calibration factor for the footpod or ipod that will correctly average your pace, stride length, etc. i have had both good and bad experience with these. for short distance, the error is usually not significant.

who cares if you if you are off by .5 miles in a 6 mile run, if it takes an hour to do it, not a big deal, it is close. one of my bad experiences was on a long trail run that i did not really know where i was or how much farther i had to go. i knew the run was about 60 miles, at 64 (according to the device), i was really ready to be finished. after another 4 miles i got where i needed to be and was happy.

i did a 75 mile run and the foot pod was right on. i did a 100 and it recorded 112.

i do agree, that my arms would get tired holding the ipad watching movies. and the eating and drinking, but i don't drink adult beverages.