I've been thinking about this for a long time as its getting to the point id like to have a 4 legged companion to take around with me places such as boating and mountain biking. I've seen a variety of pups out there that seem to be trained so well such as English pointers all the way down to mini yorkies. I'm thinking of getting a lab because I want a bigger dog and want a dog who doesn't mind getting wet. Also, one whos very playful and as active as I am! (Don't judge me I need a beer fetcher ). My question for you guys is what kind of dog do you think would make a Great Lake dog? Also what accessories would you get? I'm curious to see the variety and success of certain dogs out there!

I've thought about it a little and am toying with the idea of having him trained in a different language though so no one would know his commands such as Russian. Seen this done with a dog On the lake and the command is so distinct over the other chatter he knew it was fo Him and he came a running.

Things a lake dog would need are:

Doggy life jacket is a must!
Some food with a food bowl (duh everyone gets hungry on the lake!)
I've researched some boots for the dog to wear so the interior is not hurt by their paws and nails. Have you guys had luck with this method?

What's your thoughts on good dogs or best practices in dog training and making sure not to damage anything?