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    Quote Originally Posted by Worlds22SSV View Post
    i also have 2 hitches and use a floor jack, had my second hitch custom built it is a 16" drop, the tongue sits about 2" off the ground when i back into the garage. when the tower is folded i clear an 84" garage opening by less than an inch. My tower when down is about 6" above the windshield. Beats $150 in storage.....

    I built a trailer mover with plans found on ebay and added a second 10' garage door on the rear of my garage so I can store the boat in my back yard during the winter. My garage front door access is via an alley so this lets me move the boat around to get everything lined up so I can push thru the other door into the yard..
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcdye View Post
    I have 2 hitches, one for trailering with and one for getting in and out of the garage. The garage hitch, I use a floor jack to get it on the ball, as the trailer jack will not go low enough.
    Have any cheap recommendations for a hitch and a jack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snyderaaron View Post
    Have any cheap recommendations for a hitch and a jack.
    this is the hitch i have for the garage

    and floor jack

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    I have an 09 I keep in the storage garage that has a 10 ft door, and I have a single axle trailer as well with the Z5 cargo rack. With my rack folded down and on my truck (leaving Z5 attached) I have inches to spare between that and the top of the door. Without the Z5 though however, I would have more clearance.
    Just tossing out the Z5 information in case that helps any, possibly even in the future.
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