Building a house and looking for some advice on the garage size requirements to fit a 2009 LSV

The manual shows:

Overall width with trailer - 102" (8' 6")
Length with trailer - 25' 3"
Length with platform - 23' 6"
Length without platform - 21' 6"

My questions are:

How high is the boat with the tower folded?

If I pull the platform will the total length (including trailer) be 21'6" or stay at 25' 3"?

Are the lengths in the manual with the tongue folded?

My house plans call for a 25' length garage, with an 8' wide by 7' high garage door.
I will have to get at least a 9' wide door, just confused on if I really need more length (25' 3") and can't seem to find a height with tower folded.
My boat is in storage and not easy to access until the spring.

Thanks in advance for any for any input