My cousin sent an e-mail today saying his 7 year old was reading all the time now and had discovered a series of books he loved. The author? Dav Pilkey. He's the "Captain Underpants" award winning author. I told him that's how I got my twin boys reading a lot more. They loved his books and the next thing I knew they were reading Harry Potter and fantasy stuff and all kinds of other things. But, they discovered FUN reading thanks to this author. So, I wanted to suggest to anyone who has (approximately) 5-9 year olds that don't read or don't like to read, just get one of these books and start reading it to them. Then hand the kid the book and say, "Keep reading, I'll be back in a minute." Great stuff. The guy never grew up and understands kids and how they like to laugh and like the ridiculous stuff. Here's his website: