Thanks again for all the good info. I've been on the supra site for a long time but get way more info from this site. People seem nice as hell too. Your right about lakes in colorado. Most people think we have lakes everywhere but can't board on most of them. We took a trip out east to table rock and really had fun. Labor day weekend, no boats and glass all day every day. Condo on the lake, 100 to the boat dock. maid service. Not as much work as going to powell. We do a lot of 4 day weekends during the summer so we can get good water at pueblo. Bill at ROMOBOCO is a buddy of mine. Sometimes hard to do buisness with a friend but we have a great time at the lake.
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If your current 13.75x15.5 will run to 5000 rpm, then the lower pitched 1847 should easily run past that. I think either Nettles or Acme will let you return the prop for a different one if you don't like it and all you are out is the cost of shipping it back.

I bought my boat new from RoMoBoCo in Pueblo and test drove/rode on Pueblo Res. Picked it up in Jan '07 and promptly towed it to Portland.

Yeah, the only time I went to Cherry Creek was after work, usually on a Monday or Tuesday. I would tow it to work then leave at 3:30 and headed straight for the res. I never went there on weekends. The boating scene here is so much better

No worries Mike. I guess I better get on here more often