Nobody has stated that Class-A/B is bad, garbage, junk, etc, but yes, the technology is outdated. Is there an audible difference between mobile class-a/b and D, not by my ears as ive heard the same speakers driven by both types of amps in the same environment.

Carburated engines are awesome, but the technology is outdated and EFI clearly has its advantages in fuel mileage, emissions and driveability. I love to drive around town in an old hot rod, but when its time to take a long trip on the highway, its not carb's classic i pull out of the garage. If someone looking at two similar boats, one EFI and the other Carb'd, I would suggest the EFI with out hesitation and of reasons to stand behind that rec. It doesnt mean carbs are bad, its just that EFI is better. And that whats being stated here in RE to amp power supplies.

DVD's are great, but its outdated and going away as Blu-Ray gains ground. I still have a DVD surround, but I also have a game console for the Blu-Rays I buy. When I bought a disk player for the shop, I got one that plays both.

With all we ask of our marine audio gear, yet we are limited to a battery bank and alternator while on the water for a day, it is a completely, 100% relevant topic to have when someone is designing a boat stereo system. Once they are informed about the differences and advantages, they can then decide which route they want to go.