System line up is looking grear bud.

I agree with Sandm just get 1 pair of XM9s and use that extra money fo0r the Sub and round out the system. You can add the other pair of XM9s next season and it wont cost you that much as all it requires is splicing them into the existing wires, and retuning the amp.

As for the hidden compartment, it was on the boats with the Ski Locker, you had wire hole in the cubby to the ski locker and it had piping in it for wires, with a chanell that led to the drivers foot well area.

On the 12 and up it went to the Hard tank in the center and this compartment has dispeared as fare as i know. I just ran all my wires in my Mojo yesterday and went around the boar with the wires. Theres enough of a lip in the bow under the seats to zip tie all the wires up out of view and out of the way.

Also you can fit them behind the cup holders, and this is a Strong Must do option if you plan to run an IBS nose bag for surfing or wake boarding