By the looks of a few recent threads, it appears that I'm not the only one with new stereo plans. I really have no car/boat audio/electrical experience whatsoever and my plans for my system have been created solely through my forum browsing.

Basically looking for input/suggestions as to what I might be missing. A little background, i have a 2012 LSV, v2 tower, 2 stock roswell tower speakers, 4 stock kicker in-boats, stock 4 channel amp, stock HU, dual battery with on-board charger from the factory.

My plans are for:
4 exile xm9s
4 exile sx65-ms
1 exile harpoon 1000w
1 exile 800.4
exile ZLD

I'd like to keep everything else the same if it will work, this way it makes the install essentially plug and play with the exception of the ZLD.

Heres a few Qs:
-we do tend to hang out quite a bit with the boat off/stereo on (just loud enough to hear while swimming in the vicinity) will 2 batteries suffice?
-the installer is the only local installer that advertises anything marine audio although I've never seen any boats at their shop as i drive past almost daily (NE ohio has a significantly limited market, only 2 small lakes within an hours drive) My question here is any suggestions regarding wiring that i can suggest or look for to try to micro manage? I seem to remember numerous posts on various forums regarding noise due to which battery is hooked to which??(remember, zero audio experience here)
-I seem to remember a post that ive been unable to locate that someone showed a hidden passage between the passenger compartment and the drivers area on the LSVs which will make wiring the ZLD significantly easier.
-As for a sub, I'm sure someone will ask why not and the answer is simply I'm spending enough as it is on the new stereo and didnt want to push it much more so i figured I would try without a sub for the time being and could always add later in the season or next.

Basically just looking for some info so when i do get everything installed I'm not getting the wool pulled over my eyes or there isnt some glaring component, aspect of the system im missing.