I am weighing the LSV to the MB Sport. Both are ~$58K new with similar options. From reading a lot online and talking to friends the big difference I'm concerned about is the ballast where the MB Sport has 1800lb stock ballast and fills in 60sec.

Have people ridden both boats and spent time behind them? How long does it take to fill an LSV's upgraded 750lb (or 1100lb) ballast or to switch from normal to goofy footed wake? Am i going to regret the LSV while I tinker with pumps and wait for filling/emptying the ballast? Also, behind the boat will the LSV with the upgraded fat sacks give me as good of a wake and surf experience?

Other comments on the two boats? I have not ridden in either but have sat in them in the showroom and boat shows.

I am loving reading the Moomba forums and excited about riding in one this Spring.