Hey guys, one of my fiances work friends has a little brother named Xander. He is in 4th grade and they have a contest in his school to see which class can be the first class to receive a post card from all 50 states so I was wondering if some of yall would help out.

All postcards must be postmarked from that state.
It should have a picture somewhat resembling the state or what it stands for.
Include 3 facts about your state.
It should be personalized. “Hi Xander, How’s 4th grade?...Hope all is well...heard a lot about you... How’s the weather in Massachusetts...” what ever you want- signed, your friend (name) in (your state) (He has to read them out loud to the class)

They need to all be received by April 5th!

Thank you so much to all those sending a card. Only first place gets the prize, so lets make his day!!
Please mail to:
Alexander Terrill
c/o Ms. Joannides
Woodland Elementary
10 North Vine Street
Milford, MA 01757

Thanks so much and if you participate be sure to post what state you are sending it from on the thread.