A little background first. I got into wakeboarding in 2007 behind a Stratos fish and ski. I rode a couple summers behind a buddy's bayliner I/O and another buddy's ski nautique. My dream boat has been an LSV since 2008 when I started researching boats. I searched and searched for one in my price range at or near 20k.
I could not find one and found a 2000 SAN 210 at the end of last season an hour away and right at that price point. I love the boat and it does everything I want at this point in time. The only drawback is it gets crowded.
Last summer I demo'd a 2012 Mojo and loved it. Sorry LSV, but the Mojo is my new favorite. The boat is beautiful and I loved the amount of space. I rode behind it with ballast empty and it still had a fun wake. I bet filling the ballast would have been even better but I did not get the chance.
My wife and I had the chance to ride in a SAN 230 this summer. We both really liked the walk through sunpad. And I really like the rear facing bench seat. I plan to upgrade my boat in the next couple of years and the Mojo is at the top of my list.
I am not trying to rustle any feathers by comparing the Mojo to the 230, but is a walk through sun pad an option? What about a rear facing bench seat? If they are not factory options, has anyone tried to DIY one of these ideas? Thanks for the help.