With the new boat coming the wife is insistent on getting all the extra sacks out of the floor. My thinking is, cool lets fill all the storage with bags then take my extra sacks and put them in the floor and really weight this thing down!

So my understanding is stock ballast is 1800? With 2-650s in the back and a 450 hard tank in the middle. That only = 1750 but that's not what I'm concerned with.

With the new changes to the dropped rubber floor, will the stock bags in the back slide forward under those seats and then put 2 bigger bags beside the motor?

I'm trying to use up what I currently have as extra bags so I'll have more cash to mess around with prop changes etc...

First thing is prop: starting with 1433

Bags if it will work:
800s in the back, slide the stock (650s?) rear bags forward under seats (not sure if shape will work), 450 hard tank in the middle and plumb the IBS off of that.

That still leaves me with a couple of 550lb bags as extras for the floor. Obviously we don't necessarily need that much weight for my son to ride but we do ride with a bunch of Outlaw/ Expert riders that would like to see a beefier wake.