OK, so I've procrastinated quite a bit and now I'm finally getting the motivation to get started on my winter upgrades.
I have a 2008 Outback V with the stock stereo. I need to add a woofer and tower speakers, plus the amps to accompany them. Based on what I've seen on the forum thus far, I'm going to try to keep my budget to $2k for the whole upgrade.I've got the capabilities to do the install as well as build the sub box myself. I'd also like to make sure that anyone wakeboarding/tubing can hear the tower speakers.

My thoughts:
- Tower Speaker: I'm up in the air between Wetsounds and Bullet Audio, however I have no idea what grade to go with. Any advice to keep the price down but still get horns? Also, any advice for chrome or painted pods?
- Subwoofer: I'd like to fit a 12" over a 10". Brand totally undecided.
- Subwoofer Location: I'm hoping to get creative, and keep some foot space while putting it under the driver's foot well. I'd also like to create a through hole for the foot heater...just because it would be amazing and I haven't seen it yet.
-Amplifiers: Undecided. Need Advice for wattage and affordable/reliable brand.
- Battery upgrade: Is this required? Am I going to need to upgrade both batteries or can I do one?
- Other electrical: I'd like to add a switch to prevent the audio specific battery from dying but I'm not sure what this entails or what to get.

Any pictures or links to existing posts with pictures would be great.
Thanks in advance for all the help.