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    Quote Originally Posted by beat taco View Post
    ...Now I need to measure and pick material so I can get the vinyl coming. Hoping to freshen it up...
    So, are you redoing the complete interior? I am having a buddy redo mine, looked around for a supplier of vinyl and ended up ordering from a place in Portland called PerfectFit

    Ordered a bunch of samples from them, picking colors is a pain....

    I haven't started mine yet as I wussed out on the new ballast install since I have a few other projects going on including EFI on an old car, a lift and new 383 in an old truck and a new pool in the backyard (just dug up the 6,000 SF of sod that I put in two years ago!!! So my boat is at a guy's shop finishing the ballast install, and I have to keep on him, then bring it home and start the interior. I just know I will be wiring stuff and bolting things back in on the way to the first launch of the season!!

    Good luck,
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    Quote Originally Posted by EricU View Post

    Good luck,
    Lol! You have no shortage of projects. I have used perfect fit a lot. However my buddy works for classic soft trim here in Portland and perfect fit didn't have all the new carbon and silvertex vinyls so he got me a Keyston book, and they had everything I wanted. I have used keyston before as well and the quality is up there with perfect fit. I have a hard time explaining silvertex so here's a pic:

    Here's some in the book:

    I can get you a book and even order it through my buddy and get his wholesale pricing on the vinyl if you want. I can also mail you the perfect fit book I didn't end up using. FYI perfect fit uses Spralding vinyl. So it's really a Spralding book.

    Btw, you had me at stroked small block!

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