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Thread: Crushed

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfeman131 View Post
    give him the weekend to get his head back in it.
    Yep... and Jason, don't blame yourself. You are doing what Dad's are here to do.
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    Jason, tell him to keep his head up and work hard and get ready for next season's tryouts. Hard work and determination will pay off.

    I remember when I tried out for our high school here, there were a few of the 'daddy ball' type guys that kept telling me I would not make the team...long story short, I made the team and started every game. My Freshman - Junior years I played primarily Short Stop and occasionally 2nd Base. My senior year I switched over to 3rd Base, which I really enjoyed. It was tough at first moving from the 'field general' SS position, but I got used to 3B and really liked it.

    I will never forget the night of my last game - I balled my eyes out after it knowing it would be my last real game.

    Keep working with your son, I am sure he is a great ball player. Prove everyone wrong and come back next season! Don't let him quit on this.

    Not sure what size school he attend or anything, but I was in the largest 5A school and there is nothing like playing ball 2 - 3 nights a week under the lights. Keep his dream alive.


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    Default Crushed

    Thanks for the motivational words Cody. He goes to a 5A baseball powerhouse school. He basically screwed off during try outs is the best way I can explain it. He has since tried out for a select team and has been accepted. Practice begins march 2nd and they will compete as a "major" team in all showcase tourneys. Hopefully the taste of failure will push him harder to succeed. It's still a very numb feeling thou not having him on the HS team.

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