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Love it. "Can't get Claudia's car in MY garage." LOL!
Yes sir. When we had the house build it was more then clear that the Garage is my MAN SPACE and the rest of the house is hers. I get very little say to what is in the house. Even in the walk in closet i get 1/3 and she gets 2/3s plus all the floor space for shoes.

My responcibility is everyone outside, garage, yard, cars, boat, bike, lawn care.
I dont clean house, i dont do dishes, laundry, or even take the trash out to the garage. I take it from the garage outside to the trashcans. I will help with some things once in a while but she doesnt clean, maintain, or help with yard works.

We divided this up years ago and it works well.

We also dont share checking accounts, we have a joint savings that she puts money into for bills and the house payment. I pull it into my account and pay all the bills. She pays her car, and cell out of her own checking.