I finally received the flow meters I have been waiting on. I need a few more parts before I can have this system up and running but just checking in with my progress. I have 4 pics that sort of explain the system again. Basically I am going to cut the hoses from my fat sacs and insert these flow meters. I plan on installing the fill meters right before the water enters the bag, and the empty right before the water leaves the boat. I recently bought the 'U' bad to go under the front seats(sorta the reason why I am a bit behind with this project) Basically once I will be able to control if water goes into the ski locker or not depending on how many people are on the boat. The two bags will be connected with the fill on the 'U' bag and the empty on the ski locker. I took apart the gravity III switch harness and plan on tapping into the +12V and GND from it to power my display and connect the relays. Both my system and the old switches(back-up) will work when complete. Hopefully this weekend will be productive(but I am easily distracted so well see).